How to apply for Driving Licence Online ?

apply for Driving Licence online :

Have you heard about the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988? 

According to this act to drive any vehicle you must need to carry a driving license authorized by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) and the Regional Transport Office (RTO). 

Now from here, you can conclude that if you wanna learn driving or interested to drive a two or four-wheeler, then it’s essential that you carry your card. 

In this article, we will talk about how to apply for a driving licence online. Scroll down and read the whole article to get in-depth information about the topic. 

Some basic information about the Driving Licence 

First Driving Licence 1903
The validity of Driving LicenseApprox 40 Years 
The validity of Commercial Driving LicenseUp to 3 Years 
Minimum Age to Apply 18 for 4 Wheeler and 16 for 2 Wheeler
Official Website

What is a Driving License? 

Driving License is one of the most important documents if you own a car or want to drive it in public areas. This card comes in a plastic cover and looks exactly the same as a debit or credit card. It is important to have your name and photo on your driving license.

One can apply for it via both online and offline processes. Every individual that applies for these driving cards has to go through some driving test. After qualifying these tests you will be able to get your card as a successful qualifier.

Basically, it’s not easy to apply for a driving license. As the whole process is divided into different parts. However, we will be talking about every part in this article so stay tuned with us. 

Learners License 

Before Driving License, applicants have to apply for Learners License. It is also known as Learners Permit. The Learner’s License will be valid for 6 months and you should apply in between for a driving license in this duration of time. If your driving license is approved then you will be permitted on Indian Roads to drive. However, just by getting a Learners License, you can’t drive alone. There should be a supervisor or parent on your side. 

How to apply for a Learners License? 

Step 1:- Go to the official site. 

Link to their official site:

Step 2:- In this new tab choose your state. 

Step 3:- Choose the option of Apply Online. It will be available on the left side. In the apply online section, go for applying for a new Learners License. 

Step 4:- Choose the first option which is the Applicant does not hold a Driving/ Learner license. Click on continue. 

Step 5:- Click on continue. Now enter your mobile number or generate OTP. Enter OTP and follow the option to authenticate with sarathi. 

Step 6:- Fill all the necessary details on this page, for example, State, Pincode, Name of the Applicant, Relation with the Applicant, Relation’s Name, Gender and Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Qualification, Blood Group, Email ID, Mobile Number, Full Address. After that read instructions and select the class of your vehicle. Now submit this form. 

Step 7:- Download your Acknowledgement Slip. Click Next.

Step 8:- Upload your documents and pay the fee amount electronically. 

Step 9:- Upload your photo and signature. Now go to save photo and signature image file and click on next.

Step 10:- Now book you LL Slot. Now click on save as PDF.

You have successfully registered for the Learners Licence and now submitted all the documents. You will get your Learners Licence by post. 

How to apply for a Driving Licence? 

Step 1:- Go to the official site. 

Link to their official site:

Step 2:- Choose Driving License related services. 

Step 3:- In this new tab choose your state.

Step 4:- Apply for Learners License.

Step 5:- Click on continue. Now enter your mobile number or generate OTP. Enter OTP and follow the option to authenticate with sarathi. 

Step 6:- Enter your Learners License Number and Date of Birth. 

Step 7:- Download your Application Form, Print Form 1, Print Form 1A and Acknowledgement Slip. Click Next.

Step 8:- Now Book your DL slot from here and then fulfil all the bank details for the payment. Make sure to take the recipe of your payment and screenshots for every important submitted document. 

Now you have successfully applied for your Driving License. Hope through this article you have learned the whole process through which you can apply for your Driving License. 

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